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LED Downlight

LED Downlight

LED Downlight is a indoor lighting appliances installed at the ceiling and its also called LED ceiling light. We produce varieties of LED Downlights such as kits, LED downlight dimmable and much more like manner.

As we use LED as the source of light, our lamps are of high luminous effectiveness, low power consumption and have a long life-span. And they are safe and environmental friendly as they contain no harmful contents such as mercury, lead and harmful chemicals.

1. The bulb shell is made by high quality aluminum alloy that is fine processed with thermal resistance RMS≤5.99℃/w.
2. LED downlight uses transparent PMMA as lens. Hence, the transmittance is up to 92% efficiency.
3. LED lamp has higher luminescent efficiency, lower power consumption and longer service life.
4. The light spectrum is pure and our lights can be effectively recycled.
5. There are a comprehensive range of colors available for our LED downlight.
6. The product is completely secure as we guarantee a period of three-year product warranty.

Our LED downlight are regularly used in high-class specialty stores, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and other institutional and commercial buildings of high profile.

Products parameters

10. LED downlight BC-CB004

Model BC-CB004
LED Power 4*1W
LED Qty 4Pcs
Mode Fix
Volt 85-265V AC
Luminous flux 380Lm
Viewing angle 10°/20°
Color temperature 2700-3500/5000-7000K
Material Pure Aluminum
Cover Plane, bevel plane & bevel, step down, step up, bevel up
Size (mm) Φ78*H66

Boocca Shanghai Industry Company is leading LED downlight manufacturer in China. In addition to LED downlight, we also produce LED light bulbs, LED light tubes, LED street lights and much more LED products. All of our productions are of high quality and are at reasonable prices. They are RoHS and CE certified and have been authorized by safety agencies. Our products attracted many clients and customers alike locally and abroad.

For purchase and inquiries, please contact us at Boocca Shanghai Industry Company!

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